My favorite this is that.

I really don't do favorites.Source: GoogleSome have got favorite book, music, brand, movie and even pen! Oh yes,pen! I had a classmate who would write with only the Schneider pen.Some have  favorites but are not extremist with it. By extremist I mean if their favorite item or brand or stuff isn't there, their life goes… Continue reading My favorite this is that.


Our Bond

He owns meHe knew meHe formed me;  fearfully and wonderfullyHe knows meHe loves meImmanuel ; now and foreverI am HisI am a child of the Most High.                                                          

Jolly June

I love New!New beginnings... new places, new people, new friends, new food, new love... you get the idea.I love seeing a new day..a new month..a new year.There is just something about a fresh start.Source : The old is good.Sometimes though, it gets too comfortable.I like the offer of a fresh start.I read blogoratti post on plans for… Continue reading Jolly June