Her evening tale

Here's a continuation of the last blog post .I didn't plan to keep the update this long.Life happened.Sorry guys.So back to our tale.******I came up to see the parents 'from the dead'.The couple came with the wife's sister.Without asking any questions initially I needed no one telling me they were her parents.The girl was a… Continue reading Her evening tale


An evening tale

I was lying down, willing my lazy self to go wash my hair and do some other things I wanted to do when Nurse B's call came in.  She said a little girl came to the facility and wanted to go to an orphanage. She wanted to take the girl to the nearby Wazobia FM… Continue reading An evening tale

Thankful For The ‘Lil’ Things

It's so easy to belittle some BIG blessings.I have being guilty. Most times we don't know they are blessings until we loose them. We just regard them as the lil things.It's normal to first remember and be thankful for the big things,but be thankful also for the seemingly little things.#DailyThankfulAttitudeSometimes it takes seeing or hearing someone's experience… Continue reading Thankful For The ‘Lil’ Things