An evening tale

I was lying down, willing my lazy self to go wash my hair and do some other things I wanted to do when Nurse B’s call came in.  She said a little girl came to the facility and wanted to go to an orphanage. She wanted to take the girl to the nearby Wazobia FM but thought to call me first.
The gist sounded ‘one kind’ so I told her to chill, lemmi come meet them and hear it well.
I swung outta bed, put a jacket on and went out.

I walked into where they were and saw her.
She was seated in a white plastic chair, calm and all.
Being that I had heard orphanage, I had kinda thought I will see a scraggly looking kid, looking malnourished or with some physical evidences of maltreatment .
It was the opposite. She was clean, well dressed, neatly made hair, spoke sharp English, was smart!

I sat down and asked her story.
And the evening tale began.

She said she was a 10year old orphan.
That her parents had died in a car accident on the 28th of march 2015  and she now lived with an Aunty in a place called eliparanwo. She had run away three
days ago cos the said Aunty didn’t treat her well. She had a sister who was 20 years old but had not seen the sister nor any of her relatives since after the parents died. She was also in the car when the accident happened but she survived and the parents died on the spot.
After she ran away, she met another Aunty close to her school (which she said she had stopped since march).   The Aunty took her in these past three days.. this new Aunty lived a close distance from our facility so she came to see/find out if it was an orphanage cos she remembered passing in front of it with her parents and seeing children in the compound.

I asked more about her sister. And she went on to tell us her profession and where she worked.
At this point Dr K a friend of the facility walked in and we summarized the story  for him. Fortunately he said he knew the owner of the establishment the elder sister worked and called him to contact her to come down to where we were.

I sat churning all she had said in my mind but there were still some holes and patches which didn’t add up for me.

So we sat waiting for the elder sister to come.
I decided to leave and go do some stuff.
It wasn’t quite 10 mins I left, nurse B was calling again.
That the parents of the girl were around.
My reply…
You say??



6 thoughts on “An evening tale”

  1. Tam Tam why would you do this now. I want the story continued oh…lol.
    Anyways sounds like an interesting I just hope the girl is not lying because many people who are in a orphanage would want to have 2 parents like her.

    You are a good story teller. Have you seen story time on youtube, I think you should do one.


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