Water Stills

Hey Hey.. How are we all doing? Caught the Merriment bug yet? When i was younger 3 things got me excited around this period 1. Close of school 2. Traveling home to Okrika  ...by boat! 3. Seeing all my cousins and the numerous things we would get up to doing. Well, now no more school… Continue reading Water Stills


Every Morning..

From somewhere, some distant realm I can't really describe, I heard the shrill ringing of my alarm. The tune of my alarm is some annoying gibberish..i chose it on purpose cos I had realized that when I used songs I actually like, I could sleep right through the alarm ringing. Eyes still closed, I stretched… Continue reading Every Morning..


Happy new month shugars!!It's December!!Feel my excitement?  December always does that to me. No matter how far I've been from my goals for the year , or how crappy I feel the year might have been, something about sniffing the 'December air' takes me to a happy place. A happy place. A thankful place. A thankful heart. Counting my… Continue reading 12th