30!! || Blog hopes

Day 30!! I'm excited! I made it! First i want to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by and read, liked, commented  on the posts throughout the challenge. Thank you all for encouraging me to go on. Big thanks to all that hopped on the challenge too..  E', Suz , D'Dream, Anu… Continue reading 30!! || Blog hopes


29||Ze Confession

    Before I started the challenge, when i was scanning through the questions, I had a confession I was going to share oh... Now that the day is here, nothing comes to mind. One stuff just popped through my head ** So here: Prior to what people around me at the time thought,my decision… Continue reading 29||Ze Confession

28||Some Embarrassment

Most Embarrassing moment Hmm..*thinking * I've not really had crazily embarrassing moments that I remember. But one moment that I wished  the ground would open and  swallow me that comes to mind was during my final year seminars. Once it is a gathering of more than 3/4 persons I used to be really shy. Still am, but… Continue reading 28||Some Embarrassment

27|| In Da’closet

What's in your closet. I've got: Clothes (hanging) More clothes (folded on the wooden partition) Traveling boxes, laptop bag, other bags (the bigger under compartment) Throw pillows (the smaller under compartment) Perfumes, hair products, oils, creams, soaps, comps ...and a couple of other random stuff (the smaller upper compartment ) *No Skeletons * PS: In… Continue reading 27|| In Da’closet