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Proudest moment(s) ..

Hmm, sincerely I had to think a bit about this. And I realised the two moments that came quickly to mind had to do with school and exams.

The first was in my first year when I decided I wouldn’t talk or cheat in the exam hall. I didn’t have ‘churchy’ reasons then , all I wanted was to look at my results and know which ever way it went it was all me.


The second was when I passed my 2nd MB exam(fourth year in med school). Omo, reading had never been a problem for me. I loved reading , I enjoyed academic reading. But that year was crazy. Path and Pharm! Tufia. There was just so much to read, so much to know, very little time ..classes were from like 8am- 5pm on most days,Materials flying upandan, malnourished CA scores etc. Mbok, it was cray!  It was one exam I didn’t wish my enemy to write twice not to talk of myself. Oh I felt so good going through just once.

What’s one moment you are proud of yourself? Do share!

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2 thoughts on “5 || Proudest moment”

  1. Lol..Doctors, I remove cap for una wey pass MB exams.
    I’ve had a few proud moments my self, mostly with academics. I remember back in secondary school in a physics class, the teacher asked me a question and I cldn’t answer it (i was struggling with physics then). He said some terrible things and embarrassed me in the class. That day I went home angry in my spirit. I decided I was going to make him eat his words. Exams weren’t far off , I decided I was going to have the highest score. I made my preparations and wrote the exams. Results were published, I had the second highest score. The highest score was o.75 more than mine. I remember the shock on my teachers face when he handed over my script to me.
    A similar scenario played out in another subject. It was agric science this time. Someone stole my note a day to the exams, I had almost nothing to prepare with. Results came out and I scored the least. The teacher again made a comment I didn’t like so I decided I was going to score the highest in the next exam. I kept to my word. I was so proud of myself.

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