7 || Songs I currently dig

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5 Favourite songs.

We’ve established I don’t do favourites before bah. So these would be 5 songs I’m currently digging

So they are…

1. You are great – Steve crown

2 . It all belongs to you – Damita Haddon (i’m guessing my love for this song is timeless)

3. Na you be God – Tim Godfrey feat. Eben

4. Unstoppable Love – Jesus Culture

5. Wait for me – Johnny Drille


Care to share one song you currently loving with me?

Bubbles of love ..








4 thoughts on “7 || Songs I currently dig”

  1. Hi, two songs I’ve been digging for a while now:
    1. You covered me by Dr R A Vernon
    2. Close to you by JJ Harrison & youthful praise (my love for this song words can’t describe it)

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  2. I literally woke up 3:30 am on Sunday with this song in my heart “Praise is what i do by Shekinah Glory Ministry” and i have been loving “Oceans (where feet may fail) by Hillsong United” for a while now.

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