9 || In the Wallet

Blog habits

What’s in your bag or wallet?

At the moment, my bag is empty so it will be my Wallet. Its contents are usually pretty basic. I remember one time I did a similar tag on instagram and that day there was pineapple i bought on the way in my bag . Lol


I k’napped it from my sister some years ago




My mini vault, all open.

Oh, it has a side pockets which houses  a packet of gum, some safety pins, nail cutter, and sometimes recharge cards.

Do you carry any uncommon stuff in your bag or wallet routinely ?

Bubbles of love..










4 thoughts on “9 || In the Wallet”

  1. Ur wallet is so cute and organized, mine hmmmm am sure I have a house in it somewhere. Chaiii still not joined this challenge n it’s day 12 already, my network/data service this past week was soo discouraging but it seems their head is now correct. Will try catching up by God’s grace whew!

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  2. Hi Tamie,

    You are following your blogging challenge quite diligently. Your wallet is so tidy. I have this habit of storing old receipts in my wallets. When my wallet starts to bulge, I throw them away and then start collecting afresh.

    Hmmm, I wonder that love bubbles would feel like against my skin, I imagine they’d be scented. 🙂


    1. Hi Hi Nedu,
      I’m a little behind but will catch up soon .
      I used also keep bank tellers in the wallet. But after a while I discard.
      Lol yes it will be scented, colourful and a lil ticklish.. 🙂

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