11 || 10 Favourite Foods


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10 Favorite Foods

1. Fried Plantain and anything.

2. Roasted Plantain (+ Peppered fish)

3. Boiled Plantain and snail stew

4. Unripe plantain porridge (Kekefia- The real bayelsa way)

5. Epankukwo (not sure I got the spelling oh, but its blended water yam porridge)

6. Apalapa (Sorry don’t know any English name for this.. Its a porridge made from over ripe plantain and cassava-tapioca.. It is very delicious I assure you )

7. Eba/LoiLoi and NativeSoup

8. Chips and chicken/fish

9. White rice and stew or sauce

10. Ice cream and chocolates! Yes they are foods!

Can you already tell that I love plantains??

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jellof/Jollof  rice is not Bae! ( well for me)

Which one food is Bae to you?

Bubbles of love,



16 thoughts on “11 || 10 Favourite Foods”

    1. Hahaha!
      Different tastes buds.
      Thanks with the spelling oh…I think its an awkaibom/calabar food.
      That jollof thing is just overrated biko.


  1. I haven’t tasted ekpang nkukwo before, even though I know (or remember partially) how to make it. I had Ibibio neighbours as a child and I used to watch them make it.
    Ice cream and chocolate are food jare! I don’t like eba, I prefer fufu.

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    1. I prefer fufu too oh, but its not readily available.
      You should try ekpang nkukwo..and see if you like it.
      These days my taste buds are more open to tasting new foods.


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