13 || Da’ Fridge


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What’s inside your fridge?



Fruits – Oranges, garden egg , pear (ube), soursop , cucumber.

Others – plantain , tomatoes, pap, milk, bread,  water .

Side door-  eggs, mayo, zobo jam, zobo drink , a pack of dried soup items.

I call this fridge my mums fridge cos aside the bread , I don’t think I’ve taken anything out from it. She’s the fruit person.

PS: I think the fridge needs a plate or two of some real creamy crack aka ice cream . Right, Aj?

Bubbles of love,



2 thoughts on “13 || Da’ Fridge”

  1. Wow. Except for d bread, I see a healthy ‘organic’ fridge. Would be such a shame to contaminate dat mix with craving of urs Tamie :p
    Btw, dat quantity of tomatoes in ur fridge is highly questionable in ds economy. #EFCCalert…lol

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