27|| In Da’closet

Blog habits

What’s in your closet.

I’ve got:

Clothes (hanging)

More clothes (folded on the wooden partition)

Traveling boxes, laptop bag, other bags (the bigger under compartment)

Throw pillows (the smaller under compartment)

Perfumes, hair products, oils, creams, soaps, comps …and a couple of other random stuff (the smaller upper compartment )

*No Skeletons *

PS: In med school I nearly bought a (plastic) skeleton. We used them for anatomy classes and revisions. And my mum was coo with it oh. Can’t remember why i didn’t go through with it. I would bring back random pieces of bone and my cousin would freak out. Lol

PPS: Yay! I’ve caught up with the challenge.

Bubbles of love,







7 thoughts on “27|| In Da’closet”

  1. Nice collection you got, but I believe how guys closet look like *warzone*. Lol.

    Ha! Skeleton , I used to admire them until I started having nightmares about skeletal spirit.

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