29||Ze Confession


Blog habits


Before I started the challenge, when i was scanning through the questions, I had a confession I was going to share oh… Now that the day is here, nothing comes to mind.

One stuff just popped through my head **

So here: Prior to what people around me at the time thought,my decision to go back to Med school was not an easy one. And my  initial reason for going back was very silly. I wanted to prove to myself that I too can pass ‘those their so called MB exams’. Silly i know…but Papa, we made it.

Were you expecting a deep confession? Lol


I wanna wish a happy happy super 30th birthday to a very FAB  blogger .. She’s one hot super mama…making 30 look like the new 21. Happy Birthday E’!!!

Titi Oluwaseunfunminitorinaawanyo_371286


Bubbles of love,



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