24|| Loff Attractions

What Attracts You (In Love) Good head content - that connection has got to be there , if not forgerrit... I can't come and be explaining myself every 5,5 seconds.  Holding down  a great conversation win major points. Humour- laughter is good medicine for the soul baby Brown skin - #MelaninMagic #EbonyGlow ( Er..No, I'm… Continue reading 24|| Loff Attractions


23|| Lottery win

          If you won the lottery. Mehnnnnn. First pay my tithe. Then divide it 3 ways : Me, Missions, Others( not the white walkers). My first me to-do will be to travel!! My box is packed already. What would be your first Me to-do if you won the lottery?    … Continue reading 23|| Lottery win