It begins

It had been days of messages

Weeks of late night calls

Months of video calling

Today we meet

 We smile

We laugh

We hug

You’re laughing so hard at something I said

No one usually laughs at my dry wit

I wish I can freeze this moment

Just then

I feel the first twitch,

And the next

I wish I’m dreaming

And this isn’t happening

But it is

It begins..

I feel the jerking all over

I feel the froth gathering in my mouth

I feel myself falling

Your knotted brow is the last thing I see before slipping off

Angry dark clouds are the only thing I see when my lids crack open again

You’re gone

I feel another twitch

I don’t wish it away this time

I welcome it


It begins..



So I’ve wanted to do some daily writing and got some prompting. Thanks T. M

Yeah, I’m a few days behind… But I would try and catch up.. Hopefully. No one’s counting anyway.

Feel free to join in.

Bubbles of love..

Update : As much as I had wanted to,  I won’t be able to go on with this. Hopefully I would keep up better in the future.



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