On the Move!

Happy New Year Shugars!!

Welcome to 2019.

For some reasons I didn’t naturally feel excited about the new year, I don’t know why. But now the year has started I’m excited.

I don’t do resolutions but this year my personal focus is Growth. Intentional Growth. Becoming a bigger, better, brighter version of myself.

Do you make Resolutions?

Well, I just wanna wish you all a very happy new year….. with plenty plenty blessings.

I mentioned moving to a new web address and yeah the move is on.

With great help from Immanuel I’ve moved over to http://www.tamiesalcove.com

I’ve moved my content on here to my new space, and I’m still tweaking it and getting familiar with the techy part of blogging.

On that note, this post will be my last post on this blog..and eventually I would take it down.

So kindly subscribe to the new blog or add my new blog address to your reader!

Thanks for showing me love here thus far,see you at the permanent site.

Plenty xoxo




13 thoughts on “On the Move!”

      1. I started a series on it and a lot of people have told me that they feel it’s their word for the year, only for me to see it on your post. So I give in. How’s it over there? Are you anywhere close to where your friend is?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It was my singular word for 2017..this year I’m being more specific and I’ve added Growth to it.

          Yeah Kinda, we are in the same province but different cities..a 3 hour bus ride.


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