Hello braunshugars..welcome!

I’m Tamie..

Welcome to my Alcove, my Niche, my Space my Joint…

I’m a medley..of some sorts 🙂

Savouring life each step of the way.

On a long walk with my Maker,

Experiencing unstoppable love.

He first loved me!

All I really want to do is know Him for myself..

..and grow daily in my relationship with Him.

Most days I play with a steth ;

Other days I get lost in a book.

I’m a reader not a writer.

But I’m  always willing  to learn.

I’m learning.

That’s why am here.

Why I blog?  I like journalling. Even though I’ve never really been consistent at it.  I normally wouldn’t give out my private journals to people to read but My blog is a way to journal some of my thoughts and share with others. And just maybe they would be a source of blessing,  encouragement, inspiration, or information to someone.

Jesus is at the center of it all.

I look forward to meeting you.


Bubbles of Love. ♥




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