Hey shugars ..

So on here I  want to be book-accountable (I don’t think there is any such thing like that phrase .. I just feel like putting it that way).

I usually describe me self as a reader not a writer. But in recent times my reading has gone downhill.. I miss it. And want to learn to develop the culture again. Well, truth is I don’t have as much time as I used to have but I still want to do better .

So, for 2016.. I want to do at least 12 books. One a month. That can’t be so hard , can it?? Where I can do more than one book, the better! Will be putting the books I read up here. And maybe with time on my hands will be updating with some things that stood out for me in each. The page would def be updated from time to time.

And you shugar,what’s your reading life like? and  what are you currently reading? Do share.





Principles of choosing a life partner – Sarah Ogbueli




The Girl Entrepreneur – Ibukun Awosika




This is book 6 in the Clifton Chronicles. I’ve read the 5 before this.