Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

I had titled this post Book Review : Homegoing. But I changed it. I've never done a book review before. I'm not that into reviews, I don't really know how to do one, like if there's a proper format for reviews and I  would somehow fall short. So I left the title of the post just… Continue reading  Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

TRJE 101

TRJE : Tamie's Random Journal Entries.  Yhellooo shugars, Happy Sunday ! *crings a bit* How has the marching been in March? Hope life has been playing beautiful rhythms for us all to march to. I miss my monthly T'journ posts I ran last year. My bujo, and now my  planners, stole my  heart and time. Random posts… Continue reading TRJE 101

…Of Giveaway wins. 

Hey brownshugs,  How was the love month to y'all?  I've been lazy on here, I know. And I have no justifiable reason.. My drafts tell me so.  Giveaways are common place on social media, and I like the community feel that's it comes with.  I really didn't use to participate in them,  but I started… Continue reading …Of Giveaway wins. 

16|| Thoughts on Education

I know I've been MIA for a while! But I'm back! So thoughts on Education I wish I had some big big grammer to express this. But big grammer doesn't neccesary pass on the message needed. Education is very important. Most times ones first thoughts goes to formal education. For me both formal and informal… Continue reading 16|| Thoughts on Education

T’journ: February

Hey shugars, happy new month! How have y'all been? How was February for you? Am I the only one who felt it was kinda long? (I think am alone on that). In all, it was a good month. It was quiet , no much activities. I think February 2016 will go down in the annals… Continue reading T’journ: February

T’journ : January

Hello February, its good to meet you! One month down already. Is it just me or was the month kinda breezy? January for me  used to be that dry and boring month that I couldn't wait to be over with ,so the year could actually begin. It used to feel like five months rolled in… Continue reading T’journ : January

Blog Book Tour / Giveaway

Hey everyone , how have you all been?Is it just me or is this month so fast?! It's half way gone already.Christmas cometh! :-)In my last post, Nkem had asked about purpose and like i had said it was something i am working on. So imagine my delight when i read about Frances of Imperfectly Perfect… Continue reading Blog Book Tour / Giveaway