Musings || 5.4.18

A thought crosses your mind And your breath ceases You hear a crack You feel the crack You blink Cutting the thought down as fast as possible You resume breathing Shortly after, a memory comes up The crack is back again And again And again It's a cycle You're not sure If the crack is… Continue reading Musings || 5.4.18


Musings || 29.3.18

My mind has refused to obey It has refused to fall in line It keeps opening doors. Banging them and giving me a headache My heart feels betrayed By me, who promised it that it will never go through this again And by the one who was always on my mind My body feels numb… Continue reading Musings || 29.3.18

From where I’m standing

From where I'm standing ... I'm grateful to God for 2017 For His unwavering love and grace that held me.. ..even when I felt unsure and overwhelmed with issues of life and thought I was sinking. For protection and safety .. ..through being robbed at gunpoint , having my house burgled by gunmen in the… Continue reading From where I’m standing

Valentine Gift

I have a gift to share with y'all. Lol The gift is from me and Adaeze of Emporium of words Sometime last year I wrote a post about Pidgin....see post here ,Ada left some hilarious comments and said she would write an entire post in pidgin. Well,  she's done just that. And Post is titled Valentine Gift. So I present… Continue reading Valentine Gift

Musings : Loving like Him

Love a word that comes and goesBut few people really know what it means to really love somebodyLove though the tears may fade awayI'm so glad your love will stay'Cause I love you and you show meJesus what it really means to love -Kirk Franklin     I love 1 John 4. Especially from verse… Continue reading Musings : Loving like Him

She’s Sister!

Sister! [See-Es-Tah] A number of people found it odd that I called you that. I didn't. I grew up with it and It was all I knew. Then I got into secondary school and became acquainted with the M word. Mummy. I remembered trying it a few times and it felt odd, strange, distant. Hahaha,… Continue reading She’s Sister!