Today’s Assignment

BEYOND FINDING YOUR PURPOSE, FIND YOUR ASSIGNMEMT. YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE DOING IN LIFE PER TIME. COMPLETING THE VARIOUS ASSIGNMENTS OF LIFE FULFILS YOUR PURPOSE ULTIMATELY. – FD I was at a business conference recently and I heard the above statement and it resonated with me. It was made by… Continue reading Today’s Assignment

Word share : Take that step.

Hey everyone, how have we been? Happy Sunday! lol! How was service? Its been long I put up a #WS post, too long actually. You know how you have things in your head but somehow don't come around to putting them down? Well, I got to put down one today. John 2: 1-10 This passage… Continue reading Word share : Take that step.

T’journ June

Happy Mid Year ! *err permit me to join my country men, who add happy to uncommon days/events. Happy Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy Pubic Holiday, Happy New everything* Initially this used to irk me, especially Happy Sunday.. But I got used to it and joined the wagon a few times. So , again , Happy… Continue reading T’journ June

7 || Songs I currently dig

  5 Favourite songs. We've established I don't do favourites before bah. So these would be 5 songs I'm currently digging So they are... 1. You are great - Steve crown 2 . It all belongs to you - Damita Haddon (i'm guessing my love for this song is timeless) 3. Na you be God -… Continue reading 7 || Songs I currently dig


Happy new month shugars!!It's December!!Feel my excitement?  December always does that to me. No matter how far I've been from my goals for the year , or how crappy I feel the year might have been, something about sniffing the 'December air' takes me to a happy place. A happy place. A thankful place. A thankful heart. Counting my… Continue reading 12th

Jolly June

I love New!New beginnings... new places, new people, new friends, new food, new love... you get the idea.I love seeing a new day..a new month..a new year.There is just something about a fresh start.Source : The old is good.Sometimes though, it gets too comfortable.I like the offer of a fresh start.I read blogoratti post on plans for… Continue reading Jolly June