Meme: Currently I am

Reading  Academic -Update in Anaesthesia : Respiratory Physiology . Bleh.  Non academic - Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  Awesome book! Seen the movie warroom? Liked/Loved it?  Then you should read fervent.  Playing  Candy crush. Deleted the old one and started all over. Just because.  Watching  The blacklist. Sherlock. Suits.  Waiting on GoT  Listening toMy Travis Greene… Continue reading Meme: Currently I am


28||Some Embarrassment

Most Embarrassing moment Hmm..*thinking * I've not really had crazily embarrassing moments that I remember. But one moment that I wished  the ground would open and  swallow me that comes to mind was during my final year seminars. Once it is a gathering of more than 3/4 persons I used to be really shy. Still am, but… Continue reading 28||Some Embarrassment

Of Blog Tags and Challenges

Hey Shugars! How has life been? I had wanted to do the A - Z challenge but I missed it. I had done it years ago , on my old blog. Its a community of bloggers linking and putting up posts daily in alphabetical  order..each following the alphabet of the day ie 26 posts in all. Well,… Continue reading Of Blog Tags and Challenges

Random : (Nigerian) Pidgin

Hey shugars shugars..... *Group hugs*.... How unu dey? Wetin dey happen for ya side? How weather? Typing these few lines I realized something ...I've miss pidgin! I miss speaking pidgin! I know that sounds razz hahaha , buh na the truth. See eh, I am a straight up poracourt gal....born, bred, buttered in Ph. Portharcourt… Continue reading Random : (Nigerian) Pidgin