It begins

It had been days of messages Weeks of late night calls Months of video calling Today we meet  We smile We laugh We hug You're laughing so hard at something I said No one usually laughs at my dry wit I wish I can freeze this moment Just then I feel the first twitch, And… Continue reading It begins


Valentine Gift

I have a gift to share with y'all. Lol The gift is from me and Adaeze of Emporium of words Sometime last year I wrote a post about Pidgin....see post here ,Ada left some hilarious comments and said she would write an entire post in pidgin. Well,  she's done just that. And Post is titled Valentine Gift. So I present… Continue reading Valentine Gift

Musings : Loving like Him

Love a word that comes and goesBut few people really know what it means to really love somebodyLove though the tears may fade awayI'm so glad your love will stay'Cause I love you and you show meJesus what it really means to love -Kirk Franklin     I love 1 John 4. Especially from verse… Continue reading Musings : Loving like Him

24|| Loff Attractions

What Attracts You (In Love) Good head content - that connection has got to be there , if not forgerrit... I can't come and be explaining myself every 5,5 seconds.  Holding down  a great conversation win major points. Humour- laughter is good medicine for the soul baby Brown skin - #MelaninMagic #EbonyGlow ( Er..No, I'm… Continue reading 24|| Loff Attractions

10 || That trip I would love to repeat.

Before going on, these blogs  the FAB sister's blog  and changingpostcodes joined the blog challenge. You should check them out. So to Day 10- Best trip of your life. All these best and favorites them sef. So, I thought about the (few) trips I've taken and thought of the one I would love to repeat… Continue reading 10 || That trip I would love to repeat.

Nothing is tying me down

I was listening to a program on radio recently  ( it was on handling rejections and moving past hurts) and the guest made a statement that caught me. She said : if you hold someone down to the ground and don't let the person go,you are actually also holding yourself down. A picture of these traditional wrestlers… Continue reading Nothing is tying me down