*softly singing This God is too good by Nat Bassey * On a regular day one minute seems like too short a time. But at other times it feel like a century.  A lot can change under one minute. Different shade of things.... The good, bad and ugly can all happen under one minute.  I… Continue reading iTestify

T’journ June

Happy Mid Year ! *err permit me to join my country men, who add happy to uncommon days/events. Happy Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy Pubic Holiday, Happy New everything* Initially this used to irk me, especially Happy Sunday.. But I got used to it and joined the wagon a few times. So , again , Happy… Continue reading T’journ June

Bow down

....He shatters the everlasting mountains and levels the eternal hills. He is the Eternal One!(Hab 3:6b NLT) There is just this awesome feeling I get reading / hearing such bold and authoritative statements. What a great assurance!Life throws so many shades and sizes of curve balls. And sometimes it looks like there is no way out..Some issues just seem… Continue reading Bow down