29||Ze Confession

    Before I started the challenge, when i was scanning through the questions, I had a confession I was going to share oh... Now that the day is here, nothing comes to mind. One stuff just popped through my head ** So here: Prior to what people around me at the time thought,my decision… Continue reading 29||Ze Confession


22|| Worst habits

Worst habits. Choi! This is to bring out my leg bah? 1. First has got to be the fact that I bite my nails.  See, the reason I can't really stop this is cos I enjoy doing it(palms face). I don't fix my nails (because of work and  I start missing my real nails )… Continue reading 22|| Worst habits

My Confidence!

I learn daily. We all do, actually. There are things I had heard and kinda knew but just never totally believed or didn't feel a part of. One of those areas is Praying/ Hearing from God.  I grew up with the religious mind set that praying is one box to tick daily, preferably in the… Continue reading My Confidence!