Hey shugars How you doing? It’s been a lil quiet in here despite my good intentions to be more regular at blogging. Oh well! Some donkey months ago DD ( D'Dream) tagged me in a Get to know me post. I promised to do it. Mentally started, but life happened. Well I’m here to… Continue reading Tagged


Yellow Throat

Yellow Throat Zamii sat quietly and looked around,  as people continued filling up the little hall. Some stood around, making small talks. A few hovering at the door, peeped in and out. Everyone had been assigned a name tag before entry. There was a welcome stand just outside the hall and the tags were randomly… Continue reading Yellow Throat

Guest Post : Forgive me if I don’t miss you

Forgive Me If I don't Miss You Its  always great meeting nice people, learning new things and doing new things. Every moment  brings fun, joy and happiness Every seed sown germinates into a beautiful flower that attracts humming birds in search of nectar It was great, It was fun, It was happiness, It was joy,… Continue reading Guest Post : Forgive me if I don’t miss you


TRJE 101

TRJE : Tamie's Random Journal Entries.  Yhellooo shugars, Happy Sunday ! *crings a bit* How has the marching been in March? Hope life has been playing beautiful rhythms for us all to march to. I miss my monthly T'journ posts I ran last year. My bujo, and now my  planners, stole my  heart and time. Random posts… Continue reading TRJE 101


Random : (Nigerian) Pidgin

Hey shugars shugars..... *Group hugs*.... How unu dey? Wetin dey happen for ya side? How weather? Typing these few lines I realized something ...I've miss pidgin! I miss speaking pidgin! I know that sounds razz hahaha , buh na the truth. See eh, I am a straight up poracourt gal....born, bred, buttered in Ph. Portharcourt… Continue reading Random : (Nigerian) Pidgin