Of Hymns: I hunger and I thirst || Draw nigh and take

I grew up in an Anglican family.  Both parents were choristers in their prime and loved hymns. Growing up all I wanted was to join the choir too, not just any choir but the village choir. They were good!  They always came tops in competitions. That never happened.  I was never home long enough to… Continue reading Of Hymns: I hunger and I thirst || Draw nigh and take


7 || Songs I currently dig

  5 Favourite songs. We've established I don't do favourites before bah. So these would be 5 songs I'm currently digging So they are... 1. You are great - Steve crown 2 . It all belongs to you - Damita Haddon (i'm guessing my love for this song is timeless) 3. Na you be God -… Continue reading 7 || Songs I currently dig